Thoptv APK (Latest Version) v45.3.0 Free Download For Android

Download ThopTV to see multiple channels on your mobile device. This entertaining IPTV app transforms your mobile into a live TV, now, you do not have to fight with your siblings for a TV Remote. ThopTV APK Android supports live TV streaming of numerous TV channels including the latest ones.

Live TV on a mobile phone? Had this thought crossed your mind a couple of decades ago, you would have just laughed it off. However, now, things are taking a turn for the better, technology has proven its worth and has become an indispensable part of our lives.

TV and cable used to support fewer TV channels, these TV channels failed to cater to a larger audience of different age groups. Before cellular devices invaded our lives, TV was the sole source of entertainment. The arrival of Mobile phones changed the game, people didn’t need to sit before the TV anymore just not to miss their TV show, now, mobile users can watch any show or movie anytime anywhere.

In this modern era, everything is at our fingertips. This application has made leisure time fun with all sorts of entertainment like songs, videos, sports, movies, shows, news, and radio. Would anyone want to leave their mobile after installing an application so giving and engaging?

What is ThopTV APK?

In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to sit in front of a TV or laptop for hours to watch their TV show. With all the advanced facilities and technologies, it just does not feel convenient anymore.

ThopTV supports thousands of local and international TV channels, now a user can watch TV anywhere while completing their tasks, traveling, or in the office.

Entertainment apps are incomplete without movies and music, ThopTV knows that. The developer has added thousands of movies and songs. Many people tune in to TV to watch sports, to lure in sports lovers, Provides live coverage of cricket and other sports.

It would not be wrong to say ‘entertainment in your palm’ as it gathers thousands of channels under a single roof, catering to a larger audience base.

Thoptv is actually an application for Android and PC to watch Live TV channels. Stream sports online and can watch movies. All the videos are in a highly qualified HD format. No annoying advertisements are there in this program.

In simple ways, you can enjoy multiple Entertainment on one platform. In brief, it is one of the best IPTV apps out there, a user would be astonished to see its wider range of services, once downloaded. Give it a try, chances are high you will like this fun app.

ThopTV History

Want to know who is credited for putting this fun app on the map? Thopster Athen laid the foundation of this fun, lightweight app for Android OS. It is either termed as ThopTV.

To entertain people, Thopster collected thousands of TV channels in a single place. This Android TV app features both FTA (Free To Air) and encrypted TV channels. Live channels and sporting events were added as well.

Is ThopTV Safe?

Is this harmful? No, It is safe but as it is downloaded through third-party websites, a user may likely get his hand on the wrong, malware-affected links that are guilty of harming the device. However, many users have given clean chit to the app and seem quite happy with the performance.

Top Features List:

It has gained quite a fanbase in the shortest time. No one can resist this Mobile TV application that is packaged to have all user-favorite features. 10 years younger, what you wished TV to be, portable and convenient.

It is now possible, thanks to technology. Relax, Relax, we know you are getting anxious to know more. We will not test your patience anymore, so without further ado, have a look at some of the top features of the app.

Local & International TV Channels – It contains over 3000 local and international TV channels. Developers know that it would not be good to stick to a basic plan, today’s viewers like diversity and variety. ThopTV caters to a wider audience to survive in the competitive space. Supports more than 500+ Indian Channels.

Sports Channels – Many people love cricket, football, and other sports. This TV app has multiple sports channels to serve sports lovers.

Live Streaming – Many Teenage fans who love cricket, especially South-Asian people, would be delighted to know that streams live cricket matches and IPL.

Movies, TV Serials, Web series – ThopTV entertains users with thousands of movies, TV serials, Comedy Shows, and web series.

Channels Category – Channel is categorized into a defined layout so users can find their go-to channels easily. Cartoon channels for kids, sports, and movies for teenagers and adults are available. This app is also accommodated by news channels to keep you updated.

No Usage Restrictions – The user is not restricted to watch certain channels for a particular time. You can watch as many and as much as you can. The app does not imply any limitations on the number of channels and usage.

Radio Channels – ThopTV always aspires to stay relevant. It has also gathered Radio listeners under its umbrella by integrating over 5000 radio channels.

Make a Favorite Lists – Many popular streaming services have an option to pick up your favorite shows and make a list, similar to a playlist. Here in ThopTV, a user can explore content and add it to his favorites list.

Supports MX Player – This app is compatible with MX Player to deliver HD quality content. Many users use MX Player to watch online streaming in HD quality.

Customer Support – Developers know the importance of being there for the customer 24/7. It supports live chat, contact directly to the ThopTV team and get your issue resolved immediately.

Compatibility – Compatible with all devices running on the Android operating system.

Updated Versions – This app gets updated frequently with exciting features, till now, there are multiple versions available for users to download.

You will get to explore more exciting features once you download this gem.

How to Open ThopTV on Chrome/Firefox?

Before installing it on the device, if a user wants to know about the developers, versions, see its official websites, or check its credibility, you can visit ThopTV on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Copy the given URL and paste it in the browser’s tab and give it a go. A page will open asking you to download Add-ons to keep streaming online. If the given URL does not open, we suggest you use any VPN.

Watch Live IPL Matches and Cricket Events

This app is quite popular in India and South Asia, South Asian people are big fans of Cricket and cricket leagues like IPL. ThopTV provides live streaming of IPL and other cricket matches and events. It a way to keep user’s interests alive and lure in more cricket lovers. A user is facilitated to enjoy exciting IPL matches anywhere.

Apart from the IPL, this app supports a live stream of other popular cricketing events like ICC World CUP, Women’s Cricket World CUP, IPL, BPL, Champions Trophy, ICC World Twenty20 (Men), ICC World Twenty20 (Women), Ashes Series, and World Test championship.

Watch TV Serials, Comedy Shows, and Live News

To cater female population who are into drama serials and other TV shows, ThopTV has added thousands of TV serials, Indian and international.

Who would not like a good laugh after a tiring day? We bet you would. Entertain yourself, choose to laugh with your favorite comedy shows. Get access to comedy content through several TV channels.

If you like to stay updated with what’s happening in the world, watch live news with ThopTv. Take out the mini TV from your pocket and get an update on politics, current affairs, and the latest happenings around the globe.

Why Thop TV is not available on Google Play Store?

This is the question of many fans that why it is not available on the Google Play Store. Sounds suspicious, right? An app so complete and amazing, missing from the ultimate app hub, well, the reason being the infringement issues.

Due to copyright claims by TV broadcasters, the developer decided the app to stay low-key. Google Play Store practices a strict policy against infringement, so, sideloading the apk file is the only option to enjoy numerous TV channels.

Is ThopTV available for PC?

This app is not restricted to its usage for mobile users only, if you want to use this app on a PC or laptop, you are free to do as it is available for PC. It supports Windows, MAC, or Linux.

Thoptv For PC

Connection Errors Fixed:

ThopTV not working? There may be more than one possible reason for this, fret not, we will walk you through all of them and give insights on how to fix them.

Source Down Issue – The most common error faced by ThopTV users is the connection problem. Internet connection should not be blamed all the time when the app is not working, sometimes, the official servers are down, that is why the app becomes unfunctional. Waiting for the servers to be back to work is the only way to fix it.

Connection Error – If you are a user residing in a country other than India, you will be presented with a connection error. It can be resolved by turning on the VPN for PC and Android users.

Connection Timeout – When starting the app, users often get no internet connection or connection timeout error. It can be annoying especially when your favorite show or event is about to start, to counter this start the app 5 or 10 minutes before, just open it and give it some time to start working.

App Versions

As we said earlier, there are many versions available as the app gets updated frequently. ThopTV APK v38.0, v39.0, v40.0, v41.0, v42.0, v43.0, v44.1, v44.3.1, v44.4.2, and v44.5.3 versions are available, till now. v45.0 is the latest version that was released a few months back.

What’s New?

There were some bugs and errors in the previous parts. In the latest version, ThopTV Team has worked to fix different bugs and errors.

thoptv apk

How to Download and Install?

If you have downloaded APK apps before, then you know how it goes. Even if you have no experience before, fret not, it is a cakewalk. Just a few steps, some clicks, and you are done.

We have provided the download link to the latest version of the ThopTV app as many aspiring users have asked for a reliable download link on many online platforms. Since it is not available on Google Play Store, hundreds of users have ended up with an older version or a broken download link.

  • Tap the download button to download the apk file of ThopTV.
  • A user has to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ to install third-party applications, go to the settings and make sure it is enabled.
  • Click the downloaded file, hit the install button, and give this entertainment app a few seconds to download.
  • It will ask for some approvals, proceed by granting permission.
  • You are ready to rock and roll. Start watching your favorite TV channels.

How to Update ThopTV?

If you are here to update the already installed app, you are in a right place. The developer recently released a new version on March 2021, ThopTV APK Latest v45.0. To enjoy the updated features, a new version of this app is a must.

  • Uninstall the outdated or previous version currently installed on your phone.
  • Download the latest version from our website.
  • Install the app as mentioned above.

The installation process for an updated version is quite similar to when installing it for the first time, just an addition of one important step, uninstalling the previous version.

Is ThopTV free?

Offers many channels to stream without investing any money, but it does have a premium plan to access certain features. However, you have to pay a negligible amount to get the subscription.

ThopTV for PC is Computer software to access all app features. This page will let you install it on your PC Windows and MAC OS devices. Download and install on your computer and start accessing all the premium features.

Check out the functions, What options this app will allow, how to download on Laptops and desktop COmputers. How to install and what are the measures to use and get maximum benefits from this software right after the installation. These all and much more are waiting for you to the explorer in the down coming section of this detailed article.

Thoptv For PC

Initially, ThopTV is very much popular among Android users. Latter on the developer will decide to come up with the Windows version. This has been now available and working for Windows, MAC, and Linux-based OS.


Right here you are going to get the app and access the concerned TV channels. Your favorite TV shows, TV programs, Dramas, Latest movies, and Live sports on the go. All this is now on your fingertips and you are also able to request your favorite video on the VODs section.

Key Points List

You can chive these below key features, once you have the software on your Computer. The features were same for Android, MAC and also the Windows version.

  • More the 3000+ TV Channels across the globe
  • Thousands of movies, every day get the latest movies
  • Watch Live sports via specific Live tv channels
  • 7 days catchup Catchup on 500+ Indian Channels
  • In the VODs (Video on demand) section you can browse to your special videos.
  • Option to Choose Favourite Channels
  • Go to your favorite channels in a certain category is made you for.
  • Support CAST
  • It has a built-in video player and also compatible with MX players.
  • Support for external subtitles
  • TV Serials all episodes
  • Supportive in Windows. MAC OS, And Android operating system devices
  • Simple user-friendly interface easy navigations make the app more familiar
  • All the content inside the software is free for all users
  • Live chat Support

How To Download ThopTV On PC?

Simply copy and paste the URL link from the download page to your browser’s URL section and start downloading Thoptv for PC.

Here below are 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions for all Windows. First, go to the download page by clicking on the download button right here below.

These links are from the file cloud server and work properly all the time. Thoptv Team will regularly do maintain and update these files on FileCloud services.

NameThoptv APK
Current Versionv45.3.0
Total Downloads10,000000+
OS SupportAndroid APK File / 32Bit & 64 Bit / WIN | MAC
Android OS SupportAll Android Devices
File Size50 MBs

Also, Copy-paste link to your browsers URL section and begin to download Thoptv on your MAC Computers. First, click on download to find the download link.

How to Download ThopTV for PC?

To download this application on your PC, this is the easy and quick way. simply you have to grab the EXE fie for Windows. Then just follow the video instructions below and make your installation quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Download?

Simply copy the above URLs from our website and past them onto your browser’s search bar. Your downloads are available there and you can choose them to start the download right away.

Is Thoptv Harmfull?

Not at all, Thoptv will never harm your Computer or any other device. When it comes to user privacy it is completely safe and secure to use.

ThoptvTV Cricket Dekhne Wala App?

Many users call it cricket Dekhne Wala App, as it is largely known for live streaming IPL matches. Users can watch IPL matches by opening the app and going to ‘IPL’ in the dashboard.

Why Thoptv Not Working?

When you open the app to watch sports and welcomed it with a black screen, it is either because you are still using the previous version or servers are down.

How to Install Thoptv for PC – Video Tutorial?

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